about cheryl frampton

Sometimes we forget to live our most CREATIVE life starts from the inside out feelings and experience. We are all creative beings connected by energy, which lets face it in life it is not always possible to feel connected at all.

Together I can help you re-connect to that sacred inner voice and create MORE of what you really want so you can live from the inside out which is  in turn reflected on your outside!

Much Love Cheryl

Hello, welcome to my little creative world of well-being, and freestyle painting and techniques. All of which to help you to reconnect with the creative bundle of energy and being you really are.

My own Rise Above and Inspirational Creative Life has been a journey that has seen me move 51 times since a child, move to Australia as a young girl from London, living in Perth, Adelaide as well as Florida, Oregon USA and now back home to my beloved England.

Over the years I  trained with Annie Sloan creator of Chalk Paint. As well as a  RTT hypnotherapist, EFT coach, Life coach, Soma Breathwork Instructor, Mindfulness Master Coach, Reiki Master. I lead many of guided mediations, breathwork classes, women's circles for health and healing, as well as both Sacred Painting Workshops and Furniture Paint Workshops. Add to all of that creating massive events in both Florida and Portland, always with the view of creating positive energy and inspiration for well-being and home environment.

I AM a mum of 2 amazing sons and 2 lovely step kids, well adults now.. I have 5 grandkids who are creative souls to say the least. 

I AM here to help women reconnect with their own inner voice and help them create the life they want through the power of breathwork, music, meditation and combining all of that with the energy and fun with express painting workshops.

I AM the guide of energy and feminine expression, teaching healing one brush stroke at a time.

I AM the woman who started creating, painting, AFTER I opened a shop and studio.

I AM  the author, speaker, trainer and use ALL of my training, experiences, spiritual awareness to help you create for you, your business, your MOST CREATIVE INSPIRED LIFE.