Cheryl works with women through the conscious mind, emotional mind, physical breath and energetic body as well as our-subconscious mind.

My passion is to offer a  full integrated restorative approach for a new, peaceful, healing balanced life and lifestyle. To assist you in opening up your own magic within. She believes that healing the mind,releasing trauma & stress from the body, and connecting to your own soul with transformative tools,leads to self-love, and healthy emotional processing that give you a  transformative healing experience.  Once you achieve this, and maintain it  you start to take a journey back to restoring yourself to wholeness with clarity and purpose and health.

White Plants
White Plants

The Spiritual Wake up Call

​In 2017, Cheryl woke up one morning feeling emotionally distressed to the pit of her stomach. She knew that she had to move yet again and back to England after 14 yrs in USA. Worse still, it meant leaving her sons, grandchildren. She fought this gut feeling and the signs for a year when she intuitively knew she had to trust her guides, herself and step into the unknown.


In 2018 having relocated back to
England, Cheryl underwent a spiritual push, feeling lost, grieving, guilty and knew she was heading down a rabbit hole she did not want to experience again in her life.


Cheryl knew in the moment she had to accept her intuitive and healing skills, go back to her roots of personal development for women and help them rediscover who they really are and create a more balance, healthy lifestyle. 


Her  personal experience she had suffered in her early 20's could no longer be ignored as she prepared to acknowledge her true purpose.

Cheryl continues to grow and run her business from a place of passion, service, intention, healing and turning her purpose of helping others create an abundant life for those she works with.



I am a full embodiment coach connecting with my guides when needed for my clients. A Certified Master- Mindfulness & Meditation Coach working with breath. Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Energy Teacher with over 20 years experience, speaker and  host of women's retreats, workshops at 'The Healing Hubb.'

Author, mentor and guide for those who have experienced trauma in their life's as well as qualified expert in relationship abuse. Helping those women heal on an emotional and physical level. (Remember the body holds the trauma and pain of EVERYTHING.

My extensive spiritual and holistic experience and training means I take women on a inner journey to themselves using my own unique powerful process of practical and vibrational healing tools  to bring awareness and healing to aspects of our conscious awareness and subconscious .

Working and identifying the root causes within all of us, that level of understanding is powerful and with my coaching and mentoring support results can start to show fairly quickly.

The only way we can truly live our lives in harmony is to balance that with which we feel and heal along with a vibrant feeling of health. It is indeed an integrated form of  coaching and a wonderful holistic approach to a balance an optimum lifestyle.

Helping women & entrepreneurs restore, remove, recover to find a balance and clarity for success and well - being -self love-through my unique programs.

it all has to start with learning to really SELF -LOVE and BREATH.

Wellness Coach

As for me...

My own personal experiences have brought me to the place where dealing with our physical bodies, our thoughts, are not enough for lasting change.

I blamed my abusive and narcissistic people in my past, my ex husband, and anyone else I thought would help me make sense of why I did what I did, and thought what I believed to be true. I self sabotaged myself without even realising I was as I blamed myself for the grief I felt in my life. 

I knew I could not go on smiling and being strong on the outside and in such grief and emotional pain inside.

Having found a therapist dealing with the subconscious, that changed it all for me.

I looked into the neuroscience of the mind, I re-trained in Reiki, I studied past life regression therapy, qualified in  hypnotherapy and threw myself into becoming a Master in mindfulness and meditation.All of this set me on a deeper path and learning how our bodies hold memories, store trauma and stress. The final step in my life's journey was to release all of that from my own body through healing and breathwork. For once I faced my pain, it was not easy, but it was liberating, joyful and freeing, the heaviness i felt inside lifted.

It is from that experience ,and my passion, along with my spiritual guides that I found a calling to help other women try to balance it all and align themselves with their true  passion and healing , lift their own vibration that helps them light up and create from the soul.

Wellness Coach


It is my passion and purpose to help and awaken the inner woman, so they can heal, feel and understand not only themselves but thrive as a whole to create their desire lifestyle by 'Restoring Natural Inner Harmony' successfully.

Witnessing the magic of when a woman heals and understands her emotional wounds and lifts her own vibration from past or present and the benefit to those close to her is why I do what I do, taking them on a journey to truly know what self love is.

One magical woman at a time.


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