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Ageing with Vitality and Vision

It was not until my 50's that I really started to take note of what it meant to age. Up until then, I never really took any notice or thought about what I wore. One of my clients was very distressed not only at ageing but the fact that  a comment was made about her style of dress, and that really at her age should she not be thinking about retirement. She was 60. From then on she believed she was old, mutton dressed as lamb, that maybe she should not be thinking about a new business she had an idea from. Gradually, she put on weight, let her self care routine go and began to 'settle down' as she like to call it. Worried about her mental well- being and feeling lost and old she contacted me for help. I am in my 60's and moved countries, and started a new business, and feel healthier younger than my 40's. As I applied new skills, routine, and embraced new ways of eating and movement, breath work  for anti ageing and qualifying as an hypnotherapist, SOMA breath work instructor and well being coach I wanted to share what I learned to help other women find what works for them and help guide and support the changes that will improve their mental health well-being, physical health to name but a few.

Please contact me so we can discuss if this program is for you and where you feel you need help with.

Everyone is different and the program is a individually design for your needs. I believe that one size does not fit all. We are all different, and at different levels in our life. What you can be sure of is a balance of physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle will be part of ageing with vitality and vision.

Much love x Cheryl

Guided Meditation

Breath Work for Vitality

Deep, Slow Breathing can Slow Ageing, Prevent Disease, Increase Happiness.Understanding our breath and the way we breath can alter our nervous system as well as turn back the clock without expensive creams.

Breathing consciously can help us prolong our physical health too. When we breath deeply and consciously and slow our heart rage relaxes the nervous system which combats stress hormones  that we all release into our bodies on a daily basis. When we increase our oxygen levels that come with deep breathing we restore vitality to our organs and facial features become rosier, supple, less harsh and radiant.

When we use energy locks we can also transform the face by improving tone, and colour to the skin which means we can reenergise our skin cells. I will teach and show you varies techniques that you can continue to use.

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

In the progression of ageing, many of our bodies’ systems become starved of nutrients and oxygen. As a result, blockages occur in blood vessels and nerves in the form of plaque, inflammation and compression that frequently tend to lead to slowly failing tissues and organs. We need a balance diet, and lifestyle to help keep us healthy and fit as we continue to age particularly. Making just small changes to our diet with foods loaded with antioxidants, water, essential nutrients effects our largest organ which is the skin. There is only so much lotions and potions will do. What we eat is the safest and healthiest way to combat ageing and fine lines. I will help support you as you learn to make the necessary changes as you go forward.

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Movement & Mindfulness 

Lack of exercise or movement at any age is not healthy, but more so as our bodies loose muscle mass and bone mass for many. Choosing the right movement for you means you are more likely to continue with it. Forcing yourself to do exercise you don't like will not help. Walking- Free Form Dancing, Yoga- Pilates, or using what you have in the home is a good start. I will be able to help you with energised meditation movement, gentle movements with powerful effects.

We will also practice mindfulness and how to apply that as you take these steps to help you combine ageing with not only energy, vitality, but exciting vision as you progress.