Stop the internal chatter as we paint using mixed media and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create a wonderful piece of art.

Join Cheryl on this deeply, fulfilling  inner journey in communication with your inner voice. An outward expression of your inner thoughts, voice facilitated through free style painting, layering, as you paint your design with the energy, vibration, awareness of your feelings throughout this creative process.

This new workshop will have dates for February 2022 listed at Book Online.Please email cheryl@cherylframpton.co.uk to add your name to our list and for retreats.

Workshops will be held in Mere at Cheryl Frampton Creative Studio.


Group bookings of 2 to 4 can be booked direct with me, evenings and weekends are available for friends or girls get together.  

Here is what you can expect from this workshop?

  • We will start with a few moments setting your intention for yourself, to open up your chakra's and ignite your own inner healing.

  • Once you are truly feeling relax you will be ready to paint from your heart and soul - and not your mind.

  • Specific music is played throughout as you allow yourself to create on the canvas with paint, pastels and use of various mixed media. Later after you are finished, Cheryl takes time with each one to use her spiritual intuition to help with the interpretation of what you have created.;

Who will benefit from the workshop?

  • Non-artists who would like to explore their creativity

  • Artists with creative blocks

  • Anyone stressed or overwhelmed, anxious, not feeling good enough.

  • Left brain and analytical personalities

  • Anyone desperately in need of "Me" time without the guilt

  • Anyone who wants to learn to rely more on their Intuition, gut feelings. 

Why soul painting and what's the purpose of this workshop?

  • To leave your left brain at home

  • To really become aware of your thoughts, feelings and how that impacts your life.

  • To experience getting out of your own way

  • To conquer the fear of a blank canvas and explore the power, energy, vibration of colour and the link to the Chakra's.

  • To bring your feelings and intuition in balance

  • To  practice turning inward and tuning into your own inner voice and guidance system.

  • To unleash and express your inner wisdom and creativity and discover what it is trying to tell you through not only your painting but the feelings and thoughts that come up.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

  • Please bring your own pack lunch.

  • Tea, Coffee and refreshments will be on hand during the workshops.


Time: 10am-1.00/1.30pm

Cost: £55 

Book Now as space is limited to 4 people.

For Group booking of 2-4 the cost per person will be £50 and available evenings or weekends.

Contact me direct- cheryl@cherylframpton.co.uk

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