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Amsterdam Painting


Professional Bio

Stanley Tucci and Cheryl Frampton
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Cheryl helped cliff roles in producing the sarasota film festival
florida 2007 

Cheryl's life story was published in 2003 at a time when domestic violence was in the headlines yet again. Cheryl was a regular on ITV Trisha Goddard Show as an expert on abuse and relationships issues. Her little follow up book 'Survival Tips' followed shortly. She also was a go to expert on various radio stations.

2004 Cheryl and her family moved to Florida.Here she hosted her own local life TV Chat show, 'For Crying Out Loud.' Interviewing local leaders who were making a difference in their community. It was here she trained as a life coach and healer. From there she brought women together through events and retreats with huge success. 

Moving to Portland Oregon in 2008 Cheryl worked in Family Law and then opened her  own studio teaching workshops and healing, colour therapy in 2012 and once again brought thousands together through her creative events.

Fast forward to 2018 Cheryl and her husband returned to the UK. During this strange time, Cheryl qualified in hypnotherapy, is a master meditation and mindfulness life coach, retrained in a new form of Reiki and energy healing and past life regression, certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique and Indian Head Massage. Qualified as Soma Breathwork Instructor.

Cheryl has over 15 years experience in this field and has helped many through her unique understanding of healing both mind, body, and reconnecting others to their own inner voice. coaching  She has featured over the years in numerous articles and magazines over the years and has dedicated her later years to helping others mental and emotional wellbeing.

Now opening up her creative studio she taps into all of the above of what she has learnt, trained, and above all her own intuition, realising that we are foremost Infinite soul having a physical human experience. Cheryl teaches through her soulful and free form workshops the creativity of using paint as a form for expression, release, understanding, connecting and meditation as she takes others on this mystical, magical, and creative colourful healing experience.






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