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Chakra Dancing

Awakening The Energy Of 
The Soul Series

Moving with the energy of the Chakra's is a beautiful yet mindful dance of the heart and soul. This way of moving, dancing incorporates all of our bodies. Mind, Body, Spiritual, Energetic and helps to release stagnant energy buildup in our body making way for the blocked and negative energy to be released through the power of movement and music for each individual chakra.

Join Cheryl as she guides you on a sacred journey through the chakras, as you allow your body to do what it needs to help you on your healing journey. 

At the end of the journey you will be guided to use your breath as a form of meditation as you makes sense of what came up for you and feel grounded and connected to your higher self.

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Intro Class

In this intro class you will dance through the 7 chakras.

Cheryl will explain the basics of each chakra, and guide you through the movement and dance. You will finish with a guided healing mediation and Soma Breath. A great class to start your awaking journey.

inner journey.

Cost: 12 GBP

If you wish to sign up to the 7 Week "Awakening the energy of the soul" series, 10 GBP will be deducted from your cost.

"Awakening the energy of the soul series"

Week 1:  Base Chakra

After grounding our roots we dance with primal energy,

activating feels of safety, strength, allowing ourselves to be connected

to the earth. We moved to release stagnant energy and ignite our

base chakra to clear and release.

Week 2: Sacral Chakra

Sacred, Feminine , here we dance to bring back the energy

of the woman, awaken vitality, sexual well being and honouring

the emotional part of ourselves. Slow and sensual dance.

Week 3: Solar Plexus

This is the movement of our sun warrior within.

We dance to burn away, let fo of what is no

longer serving us as we connect to the energy of the sun itself. Releasing

emotions and feelings that can hold us back. Purposeful dance of our solar plexuas.

Week 4: Heart Chakra

Here we acknowledge emotional pain, hurt, anger. We dance 

to bring ourselves to a place of forgiveness of others and learn to

become un-hurt. Connecting with our spiritual selves to channel healing

of our heart and release sadness. We dance to find joy, lightness and compassion.

Week 5: Throat Chakra

Communication can keep us stuck in many ways in our lives

Moving and chanting, humming to find our own voice

to activate the vegas nerve and feel confident in our own voices.

Slow but vibrational dance with integrity.

Week 6: Third Eye Chakra

This dance helps us to see the bigger picture that we 

may struggle to understand or see. It may bring up a new

way of bing and give clarity. Helping to set a vision for your life

and dance into that vision. This is the dance of the intuitive mind.

Week 7: Crown Chakra

Here we slow our breath down, connect to source, 

soul connection. Opening up to all that is and 

activate healing for our physical and energy bodies.

Learning to trust your own higher self. A beautiful  dance, mediative.

At the end of this series, you will have access to download the 7 Chakra Guide. A useful reminder of what each chakra is, what colours associated along with the crystals for healing and what oils for each chakra.

Classes are held weekly in The Space in Motcombe, Mere, Wincanton.

All details now we are opening up will be added shortly.

Including times and dates.

Investment: For 7 weeks series. 115 GBP

Please wear: comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely,  layers may help, as you may get cooler during breath work and meditation. For the feet, yoga socks if you feel happier. 

Please bring:

A yoga mat and pillow if you prefer your own, otherwise mates and pillows will be provided and sanitised.

PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAIL : Please also leave a contact phone number for yourself.