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EFT & TFT Emotional Freedom Technique - Imprinting


Emotional Freedom Technique has been around for many years. First came TFT( thought field therapy) "Tapping" is a technique that helps to identify, release trapped trauma, emotions, anxiety, from the body. It uses the Meridian Energy lines in our bodies, a bit like acupuncture but without the use of needles. When we tap on specific points along with identifying what we need to make the changes necessary for a more calm, balanced life. It releases negative emotions that our brain sends from the amygdala. 


EFT sends an electromagnetic impulse to our brain releasing the emotional charge connected to that memory or problem. The effect of this release, is that our subconscious programming is changed . The memory remains but without the emotions and negative feelings attached to it. Once  EFT helps you understand and releases the power the past event held over us, we naturally make a shift in our perception.

Of late EFT has been used to help children and in schools.  I use EFT & TFT as part of a personal plan for a client, or on its own.


When Qi is moving smoothly around our energy highway ( meridians that run through our system, we feel calm, and achieve more. Many Acupuncturist say: Flow= No Pain and Pain = No Flow. This also applies to both emotional and physical pain for the most part. If our energy is stuck or stagnated we feel distressed, anxious and less motivated.



Imprinting you can think of as once we have located, resolved and understand past experiences, triggers and where they come from in our subconscious, and body we can then go about recreating in our brain a new story, healthier one, as our brain rewires itself  also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganisation. Our subconscious programming  runs our daily lives, habits, and behaviour all based on passed experiences that may no longer serve us as adults. Our core beliefs are laid down in the first 7 yrs of our life.

When we re-imprint whether EFT or Hypnotherapy, we can help reconnect to our source and experience transformational results. With these tools the client can continue to tap as they go about their daily life. EFT  & TFT  Imprinting work amazing with past trauma without reliving or re-traumatising the client.

EFT is for:

Children from 8 to 80 have benefited from this simple but affective tool.

EFT helps with our thoughts-emotions and physical health without judgment when we feel out of sorts so to speak. So often and subconsciously we don't realise how we are holding onto past trauma/shock/ stresses and the impact on our present and future. We hold these memories, and hurt within our physical and energetic bodies and it is there they remain. 

I know our beliefs, habits and the negative stories we tell ourselves can be changed.

EFT helps with to name a few:

Physical pain.





Lack of self care 

Why choose tapping?

  1. A system that is healthy and easy to understand.

  2. Works quickly at a subconscious level

  3. Direct issues targeted

  4. No medications

  5. Aims and deals with core issues, stress, phobias, limited beliefs and eliminates  safely and quickly

  6. Works on subconscious level

  7. Does not matter if you have a memory issue

  8. Can be done any time when needed during a persons day

  9. A tool used mentally or physically, due to the easy tapping state

  10. Answers to how and why issues became stuck or blocked

  11. Leads to healing and better choices

  12. You get to go forward creating your life

  13. Breaks habits and habitual thinking, you become more aware of your changes needed.

  14. Rewording and Rewiring of memories and negative emotions that no longer serve you going foward.

The best way to get started is with a practitioner, you understand and experience more as you learn the tools to continue to help yourself.

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Whoopi Goldberg first used Tapping for her fear of flying in 2009, she continues to use it for stress, anxiety, and is one of many celebrities who have found that some so simple yet scientifically back up since 2016 can truly change lives and give people back their own power by learning this simple technique.

Rosie B (Florida)

Its was not just Cheryl's ability as a therapist that impressed me, but her intuitive insight was not what I was expecting and very quickly I found myself letting go of so much

pain associated with my mother that I have not been able to do with other therapist I had tried.


Linda S (UK)

How can something so simple and at times relaxing continue to have a dramatic subconscious and conscious affect I don't know. I feel so different, lighter, and with the tools Cheryls continues to give you its a game changer. Thank you.


Maria F (Oregon)

So many therapies and therapist to choose from, but I found myself drawn to Cheryl given her fast personal experiences. I felt this would be of benefit to my issues. Just one session and my heart felt lighter than it had in years. I am still progressing and finding the healing side fascinating.