Let's put it this way. We all have experiences that have left us in the fight or flight mode at some point throughout our life. These memories are energy and as we are made up of energy in our cells, muscles, heart electrical system too, the emotions and feeling attached to this memories and experiences lodge in our physical, conscious and subconscious minds too. If not addressed this can lead to illness and despondency.

If I was to talk to you about a trauma event that may have happened years ago or even yesterday, the same feelings and energy you can feel in your  arise in your body...Many will not go there and deny what their own body is trying to bring to their mind that something needs to be addressed.

This means we can revisit those moments without reliving them and start the journey of healing. Remember, I am the facilitator as such, it is you who holds the key and inner power to your own self healing and inner pharmacy.

Healing energy is not stuck to a specific time or place and I do not have to be physically with you for my guidance and energy to reach you if in person session is not possible, the outcome is the same. The memory of what triggers you is still there, but the emotion attached to it will change the chemical reaction your body has to it. What this means is we begin to shift a negative belief via the subconscious mind and give our trigger a new story. 

When we address the trigger, both the conscious and subconscious mind think it is happening in the present and the only way you can release yourself and be free of your trigger is to journey though it in a way that is both powerful, emotional and freeing. Our trauma/stress is carried in our body, not around the body. What happens if we don't address this and deny our triggers and the reasons, then it gets stuck in our magnetic field which we all have and we then often attract the same situation and feelings all over again, like a repetitive habit and wonder why. Dr's recognised a broken heart don't they as they can read the hearts reaction on a ECG monitor now, our electrical current of which the body has many.

The mind always wants to keep us safe and stop us from taking actions that would be healthier for us. Healing in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious means we re-imprint our reaction to the event and emotion. It's not the event that is the issue, but how we react to it.

This is one of my favourite sessions to do and see many clients continue to feel a shift and lighter as the days and weeks progress after such a session.


Integrated Hypnotherapy

1:1 Customised Guided Session. 

(Online or in Person)

Techniques to help you access  your subconscious to address where you are feeling and holding onto energetic emotional pain.

Body Scan to bring awareness of where energy is stuck and held within the body.

Accessing your subconscious is where both good and bad memories are stored and sometimes without finding the source of our issues which accumulate from birth onwards we form beliefs that may not be necessary true and our past experiences communicate with our mind to react. The minds job is always to keep us safe.


Hypnotherapy can  help detect, shift, release old beliefs and help bring about life changing actions.  Each person is different and I devise a treatment plan with that in mind.

This guided hypnotherapy session is where you can start your journey to relax, understand the lovely healing world of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy & EFT helps with Depression, Anxiety, Panic  Attacks, Insomnia, Stress & Anger.

We recommend you book a discovery call and then take it from there.