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Having worked  with clients and designers both in USA and now here in UK to help those wishing  to update and refresh their homes. Helping with complementary colours, refurbished furniture and restyling to help complement their homes.

Teaching how to refurbish and up-cycle furniture to complement your own preferred style and colour while creating your home on budget. Furniture Artistry workshops offer you the chance to learn yourself how you can refresh your own furniture learning multiple techniques and finishes.  


 Guidance on decluttering, steps you can take to change just one room or eventually whole house. 

Having taught Kitchen workshops too many on how they can refresh and update their kitchens without the huge expense of a new kitchen. We now offer kitchen consultations on paint, colour and updates so that you can either run with this yourself to implement in your own time, confident in the colour, inspiration and paint needed. This kitchen consultation is valuable in creating a completely new look for this important and integral space.  

If you would like to enquire about a kitchen consultation please start a consultation here:

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We look forward to chatting with you and helping you on your own homes creative journey.

“My life felt a mess, my home felt a mess. No matter what I tried both at home or for me personally, I just felt so confused. Cheryl not only helped me achieve clarity within myself, but how that can have a positive effect on the energy of our home. As my home became less cluttered, Cheryl helped me make simple style changes, repainted and updated my kitchen which was a point of frustration for me. Over months I fell in love with my home, and found myself."

Tracy Higgins- Oregon USA

Jan Reese USA

Claire- Hampshire UK


Cheryl has taught me how powerful the brain is and its control over one. .. over the last 4 months Cheryl has shown me how to cope and deal with my fears.  … and it was the fear of the pain returning and a major MS relapse which caused me to lose all confidence. Cheryl has given me various tools of guided meditation, and repeating too oneself that I am stronger and braver than I thought.

So much that the brain was telling me just not true and I am winning the war but still a few battles. I do feel so much stronger emotionally and physically and there is no doubt that I have Cheryl to thank.

It is my passion for you to live your BEST inspired life full of possibilities yet.


Carol- Australia

I have just started my inner journey with Cheryl and already I feel lighter and somehow she just knows what I am feeling and the right words to say. I am excited to finally feel happier in myself.


Cyndi Denker-Portland

I can't say enough about this lady. From her intuitive guidance, to her workshops and healing with colour and paint and her massive creative events she created. All have brought me to a mindful, more joyful place in my heart and the confidence to step out of my own way and comfort zone. I am sad Cheryl is now in the UK - can't recommend her enough.


Molly- USA

I met Cheryl at an event for women in business. I found her such a funny and inspirational speaker. I resonated with what she said on abuse and lack of self love and within and by listening to her something began to shift within me and led me making changes I so needed. Inspirational! I then went on to take painting workshops

which helped me switch off and find our I was more

creative than I thought.

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Annette- UK

I found myself in a past life which came as a surprize to me during my session with Cheryl. Everything became so much clearer and afterwards I felt very peaceful and calm. The healing and emotion that came out of that session was amazing and unexpected. I also had a reiki and chakra balancing session with Cheryl  and she knew exactly what I needed and with her guide was able to do unlock so much. Cheryl is a very gifted intuitive, healer and teacher. I am now looking forward to our painting furniture artistry workshop.