Are You Ready To Tap into and Unleash The Creative Self?

Painting is therapy for the soul and creating something special yourself allows you some 'me' time, a form of meditation for the mind as you paint. Combining the art of free form abstract and meditative painting helps us to connect to those parts of us that need understanding, healing, love and compassion through a fun and yet powerful artistic workshop. When we paint and set our monkey mind aside, we have a chance to balance both hemispheres of our brain.

These workshops are for anyone, you don't need to have painted before, its not about drawing, but about creating your own expressive abstract art through the use of colour, layering, texture, self expression and much more. In all the workshops, you will be guided by Cheryl, however, there is no hard rules, using various tools you will just rediscover your own natural ability, energy, and feel the freedom and joy.

The colour of our soul is life in of its self, the canvas is the portal to that.

Cheryl Frampton & Annie Sloan London
Furniture Mould Workshop
Cheryl Frampton & Annie Sloan
Cheryl Frampton Teaching
Furniture Techniques with Cheryl Frampton
Junk REfunk Workshops
Pictures:Cheryl Frampton & Annie Sloan in London. Cheryl teaching her many workshop and one of her large Creative Events in Oregon USA 2017.
Cheryl has many years in teaching furniture up-cycling and painting techniques workshops. She was trained in 2013 by Annie Sloan herself on various occasions as she continued to improve her knowledge and skills.
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Any form of painting with use of colour and energy helps you reconnect with yourself. Painting is a means of self-enlightenment. Creating art whether on canvas, as a furniture artist or one of piece is all a form of self-expression, and helps the painter to reconnect with their inner and creative aspect of them self .
Art & Soul Creative Painting Classes start February 2022

To Join our waitlist please email to add your name and contact details, including phone number. 

Awaken The Sacred Woman 

Free Flow Meditation Painting

In this mediative and healing workshop, you will learn the art of layering, mixed media, free form flow,  art on canvas creating your own mandala. All colour is energy and has its on vibration due to the light ratio, when we paint, we enhance our own emotional state, move our chatty mind out the way, and feel good about what we are leaning and doing. Painting as a therapy regardless of what modality is never underestimated. 


Art & Soul Mixed Media Painting

An outward expression of your inner voice, feelings,  facilitated through meditation, painting, as you learn the art of self expression and techniques to allow you to do this.


Furniture Art Techniques Workshop

Do you want to learn added embellishments? Do you want to add to your furniture up-cycling skills . Are you a furniture artist looking to add to your skills. Then this full day workshop is for you.

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