our human energy body system is at the base of our health.
When we Understanding how to support this energy system we are more able to enhance our physical, mental and emotional health.

We are not really taught in schools about the anatomy of your energy system. We are taught about the anatomy of our physical body but not the corresponding energy body. We all know bout the physiological body, for example our endocrine, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system, and yet all of these systems have energy  system working along side of our physical systems.


Each of these energy systems vibrate at different frequency to the other;  Our Chakras are a different pattern and vibration to the movement and pattern to our Aura.

What is amazing is although our energy body vibrates and movement patterns is different they all work together in harmony to create the complete human energy system. They all receive information from each other, a bit like our human body electrical system to. Our Chakras flow into our Aura and then into the Energy Core and our Heartfield which manages the electro magnetic energy in our bodies.

The patters, vibrations, colours and frequency are different for each person and unique to us alone.

This makes its so special and interesting for me when working with energy through the workshops and classes I teach.

What Are The Elemental Rhythms























In the base of the energetic core there is a unique pulsing energy that moves in a specific rhythm. You can think of it like a rhythm of music that selects a certain dance for e.g: Waltz, Samba, ChaCha, the rhythm of the music will determine how you move to this.This beat sits in every section of our aura, and it moves through every one of our energy systems.

​The ancient Chinese identified that there were five rhythms or elements found within the human body: These elemental rhythms are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each of us holds all of the elemental rhythms within us, however, there will be one or two that are more prominent within your whole-body system. 

When there is an imbalance in our rhythms, our energy fields are out of sync and it is by identifying and working with our energy fields we can help the physical body as well. 

Our physical body and our energy systems  have hundreds of miles of this wonderful energy channels whose job it is to keep you physically healthy, emotionally healthy, and help you connect and communicate with your inner self to unlock your potential as you navigate your own journey and ups and downs of life. 


The Aura

This is one energy system many people have heard of. Our aura is one of the most beautiful and yet dynamic of the energy systems and created by a vast  connective energy web. The job of our  aura has three key functions;  1. Protection 2. Connecting you. 3. Carrying information and working with all our other energy systems.


When our aura is healthy it is always changing colour and flow, intensity, shape, the colours of our auras change according to how we feel and interact with our other energetic system. 

The energy within our aura can be swirling  clockwise or anti clockwise, it can be going up or down, moving in or out. It can appear erratic  or gentle, calm and radiant. It can also be very thin or flat, or even non-existent outside the human body when collapsed in order to protect life.

The Chakras

Chakra's is a spinning disc of energy, there are 7 of them from the base of our spine to the top of our head, the crown. This is  where information is gathered, stored and expressed in regards to our physical and energetic health and emotional well-being. This means that every experience that you have ever had in your life is stored in these powerful centres.


Aside from the 7 major chakras, there are other minor chakras, all help as an overview of information and energy from deep in the core of our body that expands to the very edge, of our auric field. By the way there are two other chakras not often mentioned but are essential and powerful parts of the chakra system. One is above your head The Sun Star and the other is  below your feet  The Earth Star. Our chakras are connected into our energetic core, and are there to help you both physically and emotionally.

The Heart Energy Field 

The heart is our most electrical organ that is physically measured by ECG for example and the heart energy field is measurable several feet away from the physical body. Like an unseen electrical cord.  For the most part, it oversees all of our  physical, emotional, cognitional and spiritual aspects that make up who we are. We have all heard our some people have been said to die of broken heart, or heart broken, how our heart reacts to our thoughts, fears and our breath changes accordingly. Fight or Flight. The HeartMath Institute has done an amazing job of researching how our brain follows the rhythm of the heart, and if you have a steady, calm heart all of your electrical systems can follow suit in a beat and rhythm of its own.


As humans we have different types of Energy Channel Systems, some that are connected to each of your organs, like the Chakras, some that run deep inside our body who's job is of  connectivity. There are others who's job is working with our  Energetic Core to facilitate as an aid to healing and well-being  throughout your entire being. It's amazing as they all work together with each other and the physical and when we are off balance, stressed, sick, the energetic body also try's to compensate.