Vibrational  Hypnotherapy


What is Vibrational Healing Hypnotherapy?

Cheryl is a spiritual intuitive and has been for as long as she can remember and until later in life, refused to connect to this side of her.

Cheryl has extensive experience as a trained hypnotherapy practitioner, Reiki Master, Master Mindfulness and Meditation teacher as well as certified life coach, author, speaker.

As such she helps many with her practical tools and connection to her healing guides to help others on a vibrational journey through a deep relaxed state. It is the way to access our subconscious and sub-subconscious to reveal and unravel why we have the issues in this life that we do. Sometimes those issues are from this life only, at times we may have brought them into this physical life from past life experiences.

Cheryl helps you to connect to your own higher self in which we all know the answers to what we need to address.

After your initial time discussing your concerns from the questionnaire you will be sent, we then can establish what questions you would like your higher self to answer.


The Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical problem it detects within the body to Cheryl as a trained practitioner and reveal the way it manifest in the present. Albeit from the current life or a past life. It is at this point your higher self  is asked to heal that part which is often stuck in our energetic and physical body. Very often, simply understanding why a disease or problem is present or what emotion is manifesting in your life, is sufficient for it to be given permission to leave.


Sometimes Trauma, phobias, addictions, allergies, and repetitive fears and life patterns can come from conditioning from our childhood or going back further.

Working with your higher self helps you understand, release, reconnect to your inner self with greater awareness and the tools to tap into as you continue on your journey. This form of Vibrational Healing is very powerful in this.

Your higher self knows the truth and everything about you and the life you are living, it knows what is needed and the steps to heal. Cheryl can guide you on this relaxing and revealing healing journey is a safe environment.

What to expect from your session?

This healing journey you can expect to last from 3-4 hours.

Cheryl will discuss and coach you about your current life and the issues you have raised from the questionnaire Cheryl has sent you.

The Vibrational Healing Journey:  Cheryl will guide you into a beautiful relaxed state, one in which you are aware of all that is going on and being said. We take a journey back to early time and in some cases past life, not all experience past life as for some their issues are from early current life.

At the right time Cheryl will then speak directly to your own higher-self, ( sometimes known as your subconscious or oversoul) This is a loving and powerful energy connection to source. By allowing your higher-self to use your voice to answer important information you require is a lovely experience. Some have said it  is like having access to a spiritual reading but with your own voice, Cheryl can certainly vouch for that.

No two sessions are the same and depending on what is required as to the final healing modality that is used. However at the end of the session an energy scan, and balance is given. Cheryl then will bring you back out of your relaxed state and then recap.

This beautiful therapy will leave you in knowing much more about who you are, and the answer to many of your life's questions. Many clients feel a calmness, and experience a healing of their body, mind and spirit. This is a multi-dimensional and vibrational experience. 

Cheryl will record the session and will be sent to you via email or whatsapp.

Investment: £333

This is in person or

online therapy.