I am so lucky to work with the most amazing women.


Carol- Australia

I have just started my inner journey with Cheryl and already I feel lighter and somehow she just knows what I am feeling and the right words to say. I am excited to finally feel happier in myself.


Cyndi Denker-Portland

I can't say enough about this lady. From her intuitive guidance, to her workshops and healing with colour and paint and her massive creative events she created. All have brought me to a mindful, more joyful place in my heart and the confidence to step out of my own way and comfort zone. I am sad Cheryl is now in the UK - can't recommend her enough.


Molly- USA

I met Cheryl at an event for women in business. I found her such a funny and inspirational speaker. I resonated with what she said on abuse and lack of self love and within and by listening to her something began to shift within me and led me making changes I so needed. Inspirational!

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Annette- UK

I found myself in a past life which came as a surprize to me during my session with Cheryl. Everything became so much clearer and afterwards I felt very peaceful and calm. The healing and emotion that came out of that session was amazing and unexpected. I also had a reiki and chakra balancing session with Cheryl  and she knew exactly what I needed and with her guide was able to do unlock so much. I am now about to embark on another coaching and vibrational journey. Cheryl is a very gifted intuitive, healer and coach. I am looking forward to our breathwork sessions soon.


Trisha Goddard - TV Presenter

Where was this little book of no nonsense help and compassion when I need it?...

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Cliff Roles - ABC Presenter

If anyone can help ease the confusion of life then Cheryl can...

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Amanda James - Daily Express

Cheryl Frampton helped others to break free from violence, an inspiration....

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