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Learn how to update your home, furniture painting techniques to create something unique for your home.


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Select the option that works for you and your home. A range of services to help you create the home and energy you want.


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Should you see a time that does not suit you for any of our workshops or consultations please call Cheryl on 07946 656 851 or email cheryl@cherylframpton.co.uk to schedule a time that may work for you.

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Cheryl is a creative consultant, Furniture Artist & Stylist.Helping others up-cycle and update their home.

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Having moved more times than I dare say in my life, from owning homes in UK, Australia, Florida & Oregon and renting in all of those countries too. I have learned how to make the most of every corner of your home, creating spaces that feel cosy, lived in while creating a home you love to come home to.

Regardless if you rent or buy, I have done both, your style is all about how you wish to live.

My obsession is with styling on a budget, tips and tricks, the transformation of colour and paint.

See how I can be of help to you here.


My Creative Studio is a small boutique studio in Mere, Wiltshire.Offering creative interior painting technique classes for your home, garden workshops, including colour consultation and 'how to makeovers' without spending a fortune. Maybe you need an update of style and energy or wanting to get your home spruced up for resale. 

You can learn from preparing furniture for painting, understanding colour and tones and choosing the right paint for your project. Brushwork techniques and protecting your work. Whether you wish to create and distress look modern, or classical, use of stencils, waxes, varnishes, furniture transfers, decoupage papers and more. If you are  passionate but up-cycling then here at the studio we can help.

My dream was to open a small creative painting studio on my return from Oregon USA. By understanding that for both our own mental health and emotional wellbeing creative workshops are also about expression of ourselves and our homes, healing, connecting to our inner selves as we are all energy and vibrational beings that respond to our environment and surroundings. As a trained Art Therapist, learning a new skill especially in these times of high anxiety can have a dramatic effect in a good way on your own well being. 


I have been an author, inspirational speaker, experienced home stager, stylist and event creator, working with many designers in the USA.I love to help others tap into their creative side through paint, colour, style, up-cycling and more.

Set in beautiful Mere, Wiltshire, The Studio is a converted space facing a small courtyard garden and perfect for colour & style consultations, play with colour, furniture up-cycling workshops.  A chance for you to feel and experience the power of learning something new with paint and colour. Maybe coffee and chat with Cheryl on how you can upgrade your home on a budget with one of her styling options.  In a time where we may have to watch what we spend and yet long to give our homes a new look or lease of life.

Life is the canvas for you to create- it's not a to do list!


Annie Sloan at the Creative Market 2017 in Oregon USA. This event
was created by Cheryl Frampton . 

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Cheryl is absolutely amazing! Her experience, wisdom, knowledge, education, guidance, caring & beautiful heart, has given me back my life. I am eternally grateful & blessed, that our found Cheryl. Thank you so very much for the coaching and creative ideas Cheryl!!

Jan Reese, Philadelphia USA

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