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Cheryl Frampton Creative Studio
Where Energy & Creativity Come Together.

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A Life Inspired Through Art,Furniture& Interior Painting,Colour & Style.

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Cheryl Frampton Creative Studio is a small creative studio in Mere, Wiltshire.Offering creative classes, workshops,  a place to learn, have fun, create through the energy of art,  painting, exploring your life through art, colour, healing.

Cheryl's dream was to open a small creative home interior  painting studio. By understanding that for both our own mental health and emotional wellbeing creative workshops are also about expression of ourselves and our homes, healing, connecting to our inner selves as we are all energy and vibrational beings that respond to our surroundings.


Cheryl is an expert in an Inspired Lifestyle, offering both practical tools, practices, that help you set free your mind from blocks, limitations, and scarcity so you can truly be the creator of your life from inside out, and oyur home, not outside in.

Cheryl is an author, inspirations speaker. She has helped many tap into their creative side and teaches both meditation art and furniture painting masterclasses, as well as holding colour & style consultations.

No matter how successful we may feel in our life, it means nothing if you feel held back by anxiety, fears, depression, stress and trauma, past or present or frustrated by our surroundings. Whether you start your journey with workshops, or intuitive coaching, it is the beginning of finding answers, to heal and find your balance. Let Art reflect the life you want.

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Cheryl Frampton Creative Studio

Set in beautiful Mere, Wiltshire, The Studio is a converted space facing a small courtyard garden and perfect for creative mindfulness art and play workshops.  A chance for you to feel you are being held in a safe space, unwind, let go, have fun, connect within and relax as you take the steps towards a healthy balance and inner creative artful life.

No matter how you are to the rest of the world, what matters is how you feel about yourself and inside. Many even very successful people can feel lost, stuck, suffer from Imposter syndrome, self sabotage and loss of creative expression.Regardless of the reasons all starts with our 

thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy.  

Life is the canvas for you to create- it's not a to do list!

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Cheryl Frampton has spent the last 15 yrs in the creative and wellness industry. Author of several books and inspired speaker she understands on a very personal level how trauma, stress, grief and abuse can impact and leave an imprint on you and the life you really want to create. She also knows how energy in all things are so important to our human health and wellbeing.

Her soul searching over the years led her to become fully trained and certified in coaching/hypnotherapy/energetic work/ Past life regression/Indian Head massage/Spiritual guidance along with mindfulness & meditation, Chakra Dancing and Soma Breathwork. Cheryl wanted to connect and create her own inspired life, and if life has taught her anything, she knew it was never too late to start. 

During her time in USA, she also had her own event company and created events to bring people together in harmony and healing. Her events like New Years Eve Ball in Florida attracted over 22,000 people. White on State a small event for her around 3,000 to name a few. Always kept in mind the goal of helping others and to heal, through energy, mind. body, friendship and spirit in unison of rhythm and harmony she lead Women's Circles.


In Oregon she created Junk Refunk Markets and Creative Market all successful.As well as workshops in colour and paint therapy. She was trained by Annie Sloan creator of chalk paint and designer herself. As the result of this she also worked with designers and taught furniture artist how to upscale their own painting techniques.

Now back home in UK since 2019 it was a natural guided vision that led her to combine her training, certifications and intuition to help others go forward and create their own inspired creative life and home.


Artist Statement
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I was teaching in one of my workshops on texture to a lovely man who had a stroke, he thought he would never be able to do anything creative again, let alone paint. Seeing this man cry with joy that he could hold a paint brush and slap on at will various paint and create textures I had made up for him, was a reminder of how the power of art, any art, can have an emotional, spiritual, meditative release.


My own personal paintings have always been created intuitively, and often end up so different to what I imagined in the first place. We all have different ways we "let go" or express our own inner energy and for many including me when I teach as well, I know that something much greater than ourselves is at work in our daily lives.

The light that makes colour, is energy, it vibrates as do we as energetic beings as well as physical. Mixing texture, colour, mixed media, into my work and just the art of expression in of its self is magical.

Seeing the before and after results that clients learn to create through one of my many workshops or consultations, is something I feel truly passionate and joyful for.

x Cheryl





Trisha Goddard - TV Presenter

Where was this little book of no nonsense help and compassion when I need it?...

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Cliff Roles - ABC Presenter

If anyone can help ease the confusion of life then Cheryl can...

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Amanda James - Daily Express

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Cheryl is absolutely amazing! Her experience, wisdom, knowledge, education, guidance, caring & beautiful heart, has given me back my life. I am eternally grateful & blessed, that our found Cheryl. Thank you so very much for the coaching and creative ideas Cheryl!!

Jan Reese, Philadelphia USA

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"It's only when we step back and step within ourselves as

women that we can allow ourselves to be the divine female energy that as women we are. Reconnecting with that woman, allowing her to rise to the surface and become who she was all along. It is in the moment, a spark of  transformation, healing and clarity ignite, like a sudden burst of light, she shows her magic"

Cheryl Frampton