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Cheryl Frampton


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Cheryl works with women through the conscious and subconscious  mind, emotional mind, physical breath and energetic body.

My passion is to offer a  full holistic and proven integrated restorative approach for a new, peaceful, healing balanced life and lifestyle. To assist you in opening up your own magic within. I believe that healing the mind, releasing trauma & stress from the body, and connecting to your own soul to heal the source with transformative tools ,leads to self-love, and healthy emotional processing that give you a  transformative healing experience. Cheryl believes we must look at the source of any issues you hold to heal completely and then you can bring back balance to the body and mind.


Physical Body

 Conscious Mind

Sub-Conscious Memories

Spiritual Healing 

The Healing Hub runs therapy sessions from Wiltshire, along with classes, workshops, retreats, one to one sessions, group talks, meditation evenings and offer Skype, Zoom, Facetime & Whatsapp sessions.
Classes in Chakra Dance and Soma Breath also held at
The Space, Motcombe, Shaftsbury. 

For many it is about feeling peaceful, calm, handling stress best you can, acceptance of others and general simple living.

It can be wanting more money, feeling more confident in yourself and decisions, wanting to stop those things that are a form of self sabotage that affect our lives, health and motivation. Most of us need to understand why we feel and struggle emotionally and how we can be free of that and more importantly how we can maintain that sense of wellbeing.

Well, why that may be the case, restoring natural inner harmony and flow, truly living your life with less struggle and ease, less physical and emotional pain (blocks) happens when you understand and release from all aspects of your vibrational being  who you are and find alignment within that. To achieve that we need to work on the mind, subconscious and physical body. As all are connected and healing one without the other may  not lead to sustainable changes in thoughts, habits. Our bodies hold memories of everything, stress, shock, trauma, upset all stored in our nervous system. Therefore it makes sense to address all aspects of self.

When we heal on a deep spiritual cellular level, not only your subconscious but in some cases your sub-sub-subconscious awakens and  your awareness becomes vibrant and your level of understanding about you and your life gives you ongoing clarity  and the tools to call upon. Now add in releasing trauma and pain from your physical and emotional body through the breath and you my luv, create your own magic.

But it all starts with you.

If any of this is for you- if other forms of support has not been long lasting, then please connect with me for a chat, this way you can see if I can be of help to you, and if my integrated tools can be the answer for you to start restoring your own natural harmony and balanced lifestyle.

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Depression|Panic Attacks|Stress & Anger
Dieting| Emotional Eating
PTSD| Physical & Emotional Abuse
Physical| Emotional
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Fear of Failure| Unknown| Keeping Safe
Physical & Emotional Abuse| Not Good Enough| Safety
Fear| Anger| Emotional Confusion
Confusion| Worry| Insomnia| Fear

And that is where I come in...

.My techniques are science backed therapies. As an integrated holistic therapist. At the hubb we look at the emotional, psychological, energetically of my clients that can manifest their physical pain.


Lesley- UK

Thank you so much for helping me on the way to better sleep as this was a real issue for me and  had such a detrementional effect on my whole wellbeing. 

I am only half way through this with you and the results are amazing! After many years of bad sleep patterns, I am not getting a good night sleep at night and waking up with more energy to tackle my world. ( Is this how normal people feel every!). I can't wait to continue with  my next session as I finally find some inner peace. Forever grateful... no words but thank you again!- Lesley UK

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Annette- UK

I was blown away from my very first session with Cheryl. Aside from the coaching her understanding of  the 'whole' needing to heal and understand was amazing. From coaching- to energy healing and subconscious awareness. 

What took my breath away and gave me huge understanding was the recollection of a past life. Understanding this life and  why it related to my life now was phenomenal. I was not even expected to go there, but with Cheryl she guided me safely all the way and I can't wait to resume where we left of.



Elizabether- Canada

I have been working with Cheryl, she is a good listener and fully understands all my concerns and was able to ease my anxiety from first call. Prompt in replying, I found her voice calming and soothing and as a result of the work so far she has given me an understanding and confidence to move forward in both my personal and business decisions that i have now started to implement with a wonderful energy and outcome. Cheryl has made herself available 24/7 despite time difference for questions and pep talks.. You helped me understand appreciate who I am Forever grateful Big hug and stay well highly recommend her . E.S.H. Canada



Cheryl has over the years appeared as regular expert on Trisha Show, Loose Women and various radio stations with her knowledge of trauma and abusive subjects. 

Hosted her own chat show in Sarasota Florida interviewing experts in relationships and various mental health disorders.

Spoken at many women's event such as 'Women on the Scene' Florida.

From creating and co-producing events such as the 'Sarasota Film Festival and host of other events from Florida to Portland Oregon.

Author of several books from her life story to self help.